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Due to the arrival of our first baby bookings for 2024 are closed and I will not be taking weddings for 2025.
Booking for 2025 Family, Engagement, and other individual photo sessions will open January 1, 2025

Documenting weddings celebrations for the modern and sophisticated East Coast Couple

Weddings are a unique expression of your love story

In all aspects of my work I, and my team, bring a storytelling approach to your day coupled with a genuine warmth as we celebrate every moment with you. We understand the significance of the details, knowing that you infused meaning in every flower, color, and event. We tear up as your father tries to find the words to express seeing his child all grown up. We provide artistic guidance to help balance timeless portraiture with photojournalism, capturing authentic moments. We are (already) in your corner and our only goal is to make your wedding planning easier, your wedding day memorable, and your images your most important heirloom.


Fueled by equal parts tea and passion, I capture the kinds of images that make you stop, smile and ask time to slow down.  Images full of joy, love, and romance. Your story, your love, is beautiful and I can't wait to capture it in images you will treasure for years to come. I believe images prove that we loved and were loved. These are the images that are itching to be printed, placed in beautiful frames and hung on walls for years to come so you always remember  how it felt when your love was young,. These are the memories and stories we pass down as our Legacy of Love


I'm Christine

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Capturing your story and building your legacy of


Loving marriages in my family stretches back at least four generations- to the late 1800s. Over the past few years I've been learning more about this Legacy of Love in my family. It's so clear to me that our marriages, and the story our images tell, preserve our love to inspire future generations. I am dedicated to capturing that story for you.

Your Love as a

printed albums preserve your memories

When your album is opened, you will find yourself retelling the story of your day. At first you'll reminisce with your partner, and then, perhaps one day, you'll tell the stories to your children and grandchildren. It will pass through so many hands, a treasured heirloom because it is your Legacy of Love.

Each album is handcrafted and tailor-made to fit your wedding and last decades. 




Kristen & Zach 

A dream photographer takes amazing pictures, but also has a wealth of knowledge to ensure you look effortlessly cool in said pictures, the ability to help the other stressors of the day melt away, and a personality that you want to hang around all day on your big day!! Christine has all of this and more. She made us look effortlessly cool, talked through our schedule in details ahead of time so that there is no need to stress, and she keeps everything light and fun the entire day!

Christine's images capture moments, memories, and emotions so thoroughly that it is impossible to stop scrolling. 



Kim & Tam 

When I was looking for a photographer and was recommended Christine by a friend. I am soooo glad I did!! I was LOST in this process and she was not only a photographer she helped me plan. She gave me a timeline and helped me with recommendations. Her pictures are amazing and she really listens to you. I hired her again for our holiday shoot. To any engaged couples, I always recommend her. She is worth every penny.

I was LOST in this process and she was not only a photographer- she helped me plan.



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The final results are memories we’ll cherish forever!

Christine not only demonstrated an ability to craft beautiful photos by combining her attention to detail and knack for ensuring she got both candid and staged images, she made us feel like we could be ourselves.


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Documenting wedding celebrations for the modern and sophisticated East Coast Couple. 
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With a cinematic and sensory approach, Christine's photos capture the graceful sensuality inherent to every woman. The images highlight your softness and femininity while also showcasing your bold and radiant confidence. You'll roam the halls with your robe or dress swirling behind you or lounging on the settee in your lace and ruffles... this is your fantasy, indulge in it