I went a long way to end up exactly where I started. And I couldn't be happier. 
Although I was born in Kentucky, I grew up in the Columbia Maryland area. I went to a women's college in Baltimore where I earned both my B.A. in Communication Arts and my M.A. in Contemporary Communications. I started my business my Sophomore year in college with a focus on Graphic Design. I studied abroad for a year, traveling around Europe to eventually buy a house exactly 10 minutes from where I grew up. I met my husband Ryan at that same women's college while we were both working there. We got engaged in front of our Christmas tree and had our own wedding on the banks of Tennessee River. 

Happily ever after for us is with our husky/lab Salem and a plane ticket to somewhere with an adventure! (Camera in hand, of course!) 

As a creative, I find BEAUTY in the details and meaning in the STORY.

I began capturing weddings in 2015 by apprenticing with another photographer for 5 years while honing in on my own style. I'm so inspired by powerful images that convey big emotions; love, joy, romance, comfort.
As a child I loved going through albums of images my grandparents made. It was through their images I saw the American dream playing out in two different families.  Then through my parent's albums of our family, I saw that same love again. Now it's my turn - I'm building on a LEGACY of LOVE. 
Seeing images of my grandparents and then parents as young couples in love, growing into parents celebrating holidays and vacations, love has been a verb in our family. A strong current that moves through generations. It's the biggest gift to have these stories, pass them down to my future children. It's an even bigger honor to help your family write their story.

believe images tell our stories. They help us remember details of the biggest days in our lives, or the simplicity of the every day.  I believe images remind us we loved and were loved.
This creates a LEGACY of LOVE.


Meet  Christine



Kristen & Zach 

A dream photographer takes amazing pictures, but also has a wealth of knowledge to ensure you look effortlessly cool in said pictures, the ability to help the other stressors of the day melt away, and a personality that you want to hang around all day on your big day!! Christine has all of this and more. She made us look effortlessly cool, talked through our schedule in details ahead of time so that there is no need to stress, and she keeps everything light and fun the entire day!

Christine's images capture moments, memories, and emotions so thoroughly that it is impossible to stop scrolling. 



Kim & Tam 

When I was looking for a photographer and was recommended Christine by a friend. I am soooo glad I did!! I was LOST in this process and she was not only a photographer she helped me plan. She gave me a timeline and helped me with recommendations. Her pictures are amazing and she really listens to you. I hired her again for our holiday shoot. To any engaged couples, I always recommend her. She is worth every penny.

I was LOST in this process and she was not only a photographer- she helped me plan.



Ashley & Sean | View their Wedding

The final results are memories we’ll cherish forever!

Christine not only demonstrated an ability to craft beautiful photos by combining her attention to detail and knack for ensuring she got both candid and staged images, she made us feel like we could be ourselves.



A place with blue water and white sand

My heirloom engagement ring that was my


Ending the week with a quality whiskey



Our husky/lab Salem

The love of my life, Ryan.




my favorites

Both sets of my grandparents were madly in love; they left a LEGACY of LOVE that my parents followed, and that I too have followed (Ryan proposed with my great-grandmothers diamond). 
I grew up admiring my grandparents wedding photos, even more so when they passed. It wasn't until my paternal grandfather passed away and we boxes of images that I realized how much he also enjoyed photography.
Ever since the early 1950s, he had a camera and adored taking photos of his family. Through his eyes I saw a side of them I never knew. Young, in love, rolling on the living room floor- even my father didn't recognize them. He knew his father as a hard working, serious business owner who had fled his homeland after WWII. In his photos though, we saw  a young man who loved a party with his brothers and adored his wife and making repairs on the house (his way-regardless of the "right" way to do anything).
Photos preserve our love so that those who come after us can see how much we loved  and were loved. 

behind the photos


my grandparents

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